Saturday, June 23, 2012

Changes... (Cue Tupac song)

WOW... I was doing so good there for a while.. then life hit the fan! : )

So I wanted to share a blog that kind of brings everything in our lives up to date.. Starting with the end of April.. Towards the end of April I began working a bunch again, and we went into full time house hunting mode in preparation for my visit home in May. So those last few weeks of April, first few weeks of May pretty much flew by!

Then on May 14th I was on a plane that was Kansas bound!! I got to spend 2 3 weeks in Kansas (my trip got extended a little due to what we'll just refer to as an over booked flight). While home, I hardly had time for anything but house hunting! It was looking pretty bleak at first... On the first day we went and saw 5 houses... and all I could say was.. eh... They were nice.. just not perfect! I was about ready to give up when we broadened our search a bit and chose our top 10 houses of the 87 new houses our realtor sent us. Of those 10 we I got to go see our most favorite 5. And surprisingly I loved 3 of those 5!! I invited my parents to come along to help with the decision, and we decided to move forward with Everett's favorite. If you go to this website you can read all about our new house and see some pictures: Our New House!! I call these pictures "before" pictures.. because I have LOTS of changes planned!! : )

So with the house found, we started getting paperwork together! And in a few short days we will officially be home owners!! (And I can officially cross one of my 30 before 30's off!!) On a home Everett has never even seen before!! Wow.. he's a trusting guy.. that's why I love him! : )

So, with a job acquired and a place to live under my belt, my only task is to finish packing up and figuring out how to get me and the dogs back to the states! I should be arriving on July 9th via military jet, and the pups should be coming around the 18th, but I'll have to go pick them up in Texas! So that means I only have 2 weeks and 1.5 days left in England.. SAD FACE!!!!!

I have really really enjoyed my time here, seriously one of the best experiences in my life!! Definitely got to check a lot of bucket list items off! I know that many of you are worried about how Everett and I will deal with the distance. Obviously it is not going to be easy, but we already have numerous trips planned back in forth for the year. For example I'm coming back to England for Christmas and next summer, and he's coming back to the states in September, October, and maybe sometime in the spring. I will be extremely busy as a Middle School teacher, and he has been and will be super busy finishing up his degree so he can move forward in his career!!

This next month will be bringing lots of changes for the Marshalls.. some we look forward to, others not so much! I plan to continue this blog sharing experiences I had overseas, including future ones!

XOXO : )

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